Can you buy property with Bitcoin? The answer is YES!

You can buy property in Northern Cyprus, Turkey and even Dubai for Bitcoin. There may be requirements from Swedish authorities to declare such purchases, but as the saying goes, he who knows nothing has no evil.

Today, for example, it is possible to trade property in Dubai for Bitcoin with auto-rental that provides a return of up to 8% annually, which is a fantastic return in comparison to Swedish terms. Dubai and cryptocurrencies are also a cash society which means that you can simply can withdraw directly from your card on Binance and live a decentralised life for your hard-earned savings in cryptocurrencies.

Link to buying property for Bitcoin in Dubai

What to consider when buying a property with Bitcoin?

"According to the US magazine Business Insider, 50 luxury apartments in Dubai were sold for Bitcoin in 2018, marking the first real estate transaction for a cryptocurrency in the UAE. In the fourth quarter of 2017, two business partners Michel Monet and Doug Barrowman announced the construction of 1,300 units worth USD 327,000,000. Fifty apartments in Dubai were put up for sale for Bitcoin."

Most of the buyers were young IT specialists who had withdrawn their savings from banks such as Avanza or Barclays.

However, you should bear in mind that the tax situation may change for rentals of future properties - you never know how the tax authorities view the purchase of properties with Bitcoin.. At the same time you can don't go around worrying about what is to come, if you are later taxed at a flat rate, you may have to take this. In the end, it's all about it's about forging when the iron is warm and reinvest the capital in more properties.


This is how the buying process works!

Such an easy way to buy property for BTC is explained by the fact that the UAE government started introducing the blockchain system into all financial and accounting systems back in 2016. In addition to buying a property pay electricity bills and other property-related expenses in BTC.. Blockchain is used as part of the Emirate's development strategy to make Dubai the most advanced city in the world. The main feature of using crypto is the ability to log every property transaction.

The process is simple, you contact the broker who often offers a flight and hotel if you can provide proof of funds. or that you are liquid enough to buy a property. Once in place, it goes quickly and they can often be a bit pushy in comparison to Swedish standards, but here there is an incredibly high focus on customer service.

Once you've found your property, it doesn't have to take three months like it does at home. Sweden to buy your property with Bitcoin but it can happen relatively quickly, You also get a residence permit automatically when you own a property in Dubai for Bitcoin. Dubai has no taxes and is incredibly favourable for Swedish crypto entrepreneurs.

The process takes a maximum of 2 weeks from the time you buy the property until you have the keys, usually much faster than that.

Pull yourself together and fly down for a tour says most Swedish entrepreneurs, it costs nothing.

What are the benefits of buying property for Bitcoin in Dubai?

The advantages are many, the majority of all residents in Dubai can be considered rich by Swedish standards and the average salary is over 50,000 SEK. The rents are therefore not strange that these are over 18000 SEK and are often rented out with quarterly payment.

Property is cheaper than in Sweden and you pay zero tax on your earnings.

Are there any disadvantages to buying property with Bitcoin in Dubai?

We do not believe there are disadvantages to buying in Dubai, unfortunately it is possible that the heat will get worse but at the same time Dubai is at the forefront of major solutions to global warming and has the capital to implement them.

We therefore do not see a negative price picture in the future for properties even if they are purchased with bitcoin.

What are the benefits of buying bitcoin property in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is under the protection of Turkey, which is NATO's second largest army, providing guarantees for your property in case of war in the neighbourhood. The returns are fantastic and the environment and lifestyle that comes with the Mediterranean climate is the dream of many Swedes who flock to Kyrenia.

There are many Swedes moving around Kyrenia where it is cheap to live as the Turkish lira is used and it is easy to lease your apartment.

Are there disadvantages to buying property in Northern Cyprus with Bitcoin?

Northern Cyprus is not globally recognised, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You should also consider that prices in Cyprus are significantly lower and if they were to reunite with the EU, house prices would more than likely double. This would create a huge boost to your property portfolio that you bought for just Bitcoin.