Metamask Wallet: An Ethereum Wallet for Your Browser

Metamask Wallet is for both beginners and professional traders of cryptocurrencies. Most people have only traded Bitcoin and dipped their toes in the surface of the crypto market. Once you're a little more experienced and want to get the really nice returns in the crypto industry, it may be worth downloading a digital wallet.

  • Do you have an interest in trading cryptocurrencies?
  • Need a safe way to store your digital investments?

Then you have come to the right post! Metamask is exactly what you need.

But how works Metamask wallet and what exactly is a wallet address?

It is a digital wallet for cryptocurrencies. You will need a wallet, for example, if you want to move your coins between Binance and Pancake swap or Uniswap. When sending your tokens to a decentralised wallet, it is important that you keep track of its seed phrase and make sure you never give out your secret key. More on this later in the post.

How do I send capital to my digital wallet from Binance?

Example: When you buy, for example, BNB, you will need to convert this on Binance to Binance Smart Chain, you now get a new token that you can send to Metamask which supports BSC. Now you are no longer a user of Mainnet BEP2 but of Binance Smart chain BEP20 and can invest in, for example, CAKE at Pancakeswap which supports Binance smart chain and is built on this.

How to download the Metamask wallet

By browsing to on your mobile phone you can download their application, you can also find it in the appstore or playstore as an android user and it is very stylish and useful. At first, it may seem that it does not have much functionality but if you dig deeper you will find a very technical application.

If you have problems with Metamask, you can simply search "how to open metamask in chrome" to find guides on how to open Metamask in Chrome and how it works. There are a myriad of guides in English and videos on Youtube.

How to download Metamask on Chrome

If you are instead a person who likes to use the computer to manage your tokens and coins, the google chrome metamask extension is the solution. There are also extensions for other browsers like Brave. You can simply use it as a wallet while browsing the web without worrying. You can quickly create a wallet by opening an account and writing down your seed phrase. In English, if you are surfing from abroad, it is called metamask download.

Manual addition of custom tokens in Metamask

When you transfer capital from Binance or another exchange, it is important that you know which blockchain your token is working on, if you send a BNB token to the ethereum blockchain, it may disappear because you send your token out into cyberspace. You need the Binance smart chain metamask network to receive a BSC once you convert it on Binance.

Make sure you know which blockchain your token is built on to send it to the right blockchain in your digital wallet.

Automatic token detection on a Metamask wallet

By sending your BSCs to the wallet address, you will have immediate access to a new blockchain address in your digital wallet. The creation of this address is automatic. You therefore log in to your digital wallet and see that your BSC Binance Smart chain coins have arrived To access your Metamask wallet, there are two options you can choose to use it on your mobile phone and to use it on your computer via the Chrome web browser. Metamask Chrome has a so-called plugin you can install to automatically find your tokens in your browser.

Customised token in Metamask on Chrome

To easily customise your digital wallet and add a new token, there are several ways to do this.

Add token

By adding a token - a so-called customised token - to your existing wallet in the software, you simply enter that token's contract address to introduce your new token into the digital wallet's add-on list.

The easiest way to remove custom tokens from a Metamask wallet is to first select your blockchain in the app, then select your token and click on the trash can.

To see it through a video guide, you can see how to do this on Youtube (the video is in English).

Add NFTs and collectibles

You have the possibility to add so-called collectibles or NFTs to your metamask token that are built on the ERC-721 protocol. The metamask wallet allows you to act as a merchant and trade NFTs in a simple way.

Metamask is good for beginners

By getting a digital wallet, you are doing yourself a big favour when it comes to ethereum and cryptocurrency investments. It is simple to use and also technically inclined if you are interested in it. If you are not interested in the technology but only want to invest, it works just as well and you do not have to worry about your tokens disappearing. Remember to keep your computer virus-free, even if you have a good wallet, your coins can still disappear if you have Trojans or viruses on your computer.

To sell ethereum metamask you simply send your Ethereum to any exchange where you have an ethereum address, from there you can simply sell it through the exchange.

Should I invest through Metamask

Investing through Metamask is painless, you can invest in robot trading and use your Metamask as your private bank. Through Metamask, you send transactions to your investments in a safe and fast way, allowing your capital to reach its destination in a faster way than if you made a transfer through the bank.

What are Metamask's fees?

This digital wallet has no monthly fees. fees and there is no cost to purchase the software. You only pay when you send tokens from your wallet to other addresses such as a wallet address. Keep in mind that there may be a cost from the DEFI service that you send from, for example pancakeswap forces you to switch from Cake to BSC. An exchange fee occurs when you exchange, when this happens your metamask also takes a fee even if they later also take a fee for sending from your digital wallet to binance.


In summary, this digital wallet is all you need to invest in robot trading and other forms of investment where you want a large return on your capital. The most important thing when investing through your digital wallet is that you get back more than what you pay like any other investment.

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