Recently, EAConomy has been promoting their latest service "stock options crash course". Having failed with both of their trading robots, they are now moving on to stock options.

Stock options are a controversial financial instrument that went through many non-standardised admission procedures and licences before being released to the financial market and general trading public. EAConomy, a well-known pyramid scheme with a previously failed trading robot, has launched a crash course in stock options with the profile name "Jessica Ramos". It claims to give investors a smooth entry into the market for beginners without the need for deep knowledge of stock options.

But is it really that simple? In this article, we take a look at their approach.

How stock options work

Stock options are co-operation contracts, rarely physical assets, which allow an investor to buy or sell a number of shares of a company at a certain time and for a specified volume. In this way, stock options give investors the flexibility to anticipate price movements and other factors that affect the value of a fixed stock. It is also an alternative to investing in assets that are vulnerable to market conditions, but with the potential for large gains. For many, stock options are a significant tool for improving capital returns.

When it comes to stock options, it is important to remind potential investors that it is extremely difficult to predict price movements and that 'get rich quick' almost never happens. It is also important to understand that because stock options come and go so quickly, there are short-term risks that need to be managed professionally. Undoubtedly, even before we get into what the course offers, the fact that they even offer this is a big warning sign.

How EAConomy's stock option course works

The course is included in EAConomy's elite package (Elite or Elite Pro Packages) and claims to teach potential investors the basics of stock options in a number of hours - and apparently under the pretence of making a net profit and withdrawal. In a press release from EAConomy, the company said it is trying to find ways to help teachers new to the industry understand the basics of stock options trading and exchange experiences with other investors posted on the platform.

EAConomy email for stock options

The problem with this solution is not that they offer training, but what happens after they have trained. They simply want beginners to become interested in investing in stock options, and then get them to invest. Just like with casino, not everyone is suited to trading stock options, so You should be careful not to lose all your money..

Why is EAConomy offering this now?

A video of their front person Jessica Ramos introducing the concept.

Eaconomy failed fatally with both their trading robots Aithena and then the sequel Xenaiwhich now seems to be prompting the company to offer an even more volatile scheme. This is by getting their customer base to invest in stock options.

Their previous trading robot "Aithena" tried to automate the trading process but failed to deliver the agreed results for the investors who had handed over their money. There were huge protests after the dismantled project. As for the Xenai trading robots, this one was almost the same with a different name. The traders who invested did not get the desired result, as the algorithm process did not get sufficient results required to cause a successful trading outcome.

To try to cover their losses, Eaconomy offers their customers to learn how to invest in stock options and then invest. It seems that Eaconomy is desperate to capitalise on what remains of their involvement in the financial markets, despite the fact that their previous projects have failed miserably. Their attempts to squeeze every last penny out of their customers could lead to huge losses that will probably affect their customer and investor confidence if they fail again.

Watch out for these warning signs

If you are concerned that there may be an investment fraud, it is identified by looking at different types of warning signs. These warning signs are usually specific circumstances that often indicate that a company or product is associated with an investment fraud. A careful examination of these signs can support investors to avoid being exposed to potential scams. The table below describes the most common signs or warning signals of investment fraud.

Insufficient research or due diligenceFraud often involves a company or product that has not been properly researched before investing.
Unrealistic profitsFraudsters often create companies or products that purport to offer unrealistic profits and promise high returns without any risk.
Demand for major investments immediatelyCompanies or products that require large investments immediately may indicate an investment scam, as it shows that initial investments often fail.
Pyramid schemeScams that interest investors can sometimes include elements such as pyramid schemes and investors being encouraged to add new investments to earn greater profits.
Alleged insider informationScams that claim to use company insider information can sometimes be a sign that it is an investment scam.
Unknown companies or productsIf the investor is not familiar with the scammer's company or product, this could be a sign that it is an investment scam.
Calls for rapid investment decisionsScammers may try to force investors to make quick decisions, without giving investors a chance to scrutinise the investment.
A table showing clear signs that it could be an investment fraud.

EAConomy's Jessica Ramos who offers the training programmes

Jessica Ramos is the main spokesperson for EAConomy's stock option crash course. You can find her LinkedIn profile if you are not sure whether it is serious or not. In general, it is important to know that even a LinkedIn profile can be exaggerated to attract more seriousness. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm one or the other in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What are stock options?

Stock options are cooperative contracts, rarely physical assets, that allow an investor to buy or sell a number of shares of a company at a certain time and at a specified volume.

Why does EAConomy offer a crash course in stock options?

Eaconomy failed to launch its trading robot software, Aithena and Xenai. The company is now trying to reach its customers to invest in stock options to cover up the losses incurred after the failure.

What does EAConomy's course offer?

The course offered by EAConomy covers the basics of stock options and involves teachers exchanging experiences with other investors on the platform.

Is it a good idea to invest in stock options?

Stock options come and go so quickly, so there are short-term risks that need to be managed professionally. It is not recommended to invest in stock options in general, as we do not provide investment advice.