How to get a favourable and safe BTC SEK rate!

There are several alternatives and we are not talking about Avanza. Avanza's certificates are sometimes misleading for bitcoin's real price. You should instead look for Swedish crypto exchanges such as Trijo or foreign exchanges such as Binance

It is important to keep up to date from a secure source and By safe, we mean a liquid source specialised in trading cryptocurrencies. We at Bitcoin robot almost always choose to use foreign players as they usually have better liquidity and better order depth than Swedish bitcoin exchanges.

How to read the BTC SEK?

It should be taken into account when looking at the price in Swedish kronor in comparison to Bitcoin that it can also be be the Swedish krona that goes up and down. Although the Swedish krona is much less volatile than cryptocurrencies.


When reading a currency pair such as BTC/SEK, you should understand two things:

?1. It is always the former currency that you buy for the latter, for this reason when you see BTC/SEK you buy Bitcoin for the Swedish krona. On the other hand, when we reverse the SEK/BTC pair. buy Swedish Krona for Bitcoin

?2. If you are using certificates or CFD products, there is often also an opportunity to profit from the decline of a currency and therefore there are both buy and sell options. If you Sell, it means that you place an order speculating on the decline of the former pair. This means that if you place a Sell on BTC/SEK will benefit you if the Krona becomes stronger against Bitcoin. and go negative on your trade if the market moves in the opposite direction. The advantage of a CFD contract is that you can always close your position at any time as the buyer is often the broker itself, a so-called "market maker".

?When When trading a CFD on BTC/SEK, one should consider using low leverage as this is the major reason why most people lose capital on CFD trading with Bitcoin..

Bitcoin can move very quickly and voluntarily and therefore at a leverage of 10 times a 4 per cent movement can quickly become 40 per cent so it is important to use stop loss and take profit when trading BTC/SEK.